I am having difficulties accessing the final exam!

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Depending upon your internet connection or computer platform ... there are times when our Learning Management System will not recognize your progression or completion of the course content.

It is hard to locate when this will occur ... but, it does seem to be client specific ... in other words, some clients get "picked on."

When this occurs, please take a moment to close out of the course, log out of our site (and even consider shutting down the computer), and then log back in again. Re-open the course and in the content window, select “Ok” to resume where you left off.

After you have clicked "Ok to resume where you have left off" ... on the left side of the content viewer, there are bookmarks and subsection titles ... ensure that all of the (bookmarks and subsection titles) are in a light grey text. If they are in dark black text, please change by selecting the first black text entry and go back through the course content one more time.

Once all bookmarks and subsection titles have turned a light grey, complete the course and you should see a Congratulations Message alerting you to continue to the exam. When you can see the continue to the exam text, close out of the content window.

From the course layout window the Final Exam should now be available for entry.

Without a doubt, any additional questions, contact OSS Academy® or call (800) 262-1597 (Ext. 205).

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