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Some important things that you should know:

  • OSS Academy® is a state approved law enforcement, corrections, and telecommunications provider in the State of Texas. Likewise we are directly accredited with separate licenses in other states. In addition to these individual accreditations, our training is approved or accepted in forty-two (42) other states. To inquire if your state is approved, contact our Training Coordinator.
  • While most courses offered through OSS Academy® are accredited or accepted by various state POST agencies, not all courses are accredited for continuing education. Additionally, not all courses may meet the needs of every professional seeking Continuing Education Units [CEU].
  • It important to remember, that a state regulatory agency may change their certification practices without general notice to the public. Each professional must understand the CEU requirements for their particular license or certification. We recommend checking with your training officer or state regulatory agency regarding acceptance of a particular course of study.OSS Academy® Continuing Education Unit [CEU] credits are measured in hours. We strive to achieve a minimum of thirty-one (31) minutes of course study per hour. As each learner works at their own pace, more or less time may be spent within a course. Regardless of the time you invest in study, reflection and practice, you receive the allotted course credit. However, to pass the course you must complete each lesson, exercise, progress quizzes, final examination, and evaluation.

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