If I fail all three (3) final exam attempts, do I have to repurchase the course?

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OSS Academy® generally does not require a student to re-purchase a course.

However, there are several responses to three (3) failed exam attempts which may include: student counseling, a waiting period (to retake the course), OSS Academy® Advisory Board approval, partial re-purchase of the course, etc.

We strongly encourage you take your time, review and study the materials in detail, and take notes, etc. Remember, you don't have to complete a part/course in one sitting. Practice good study habits by taking breaks, go over the learning objectives, read the support material, take the progress quizzes imbedded in the lesson. Experienced law enforcement learners know that devoting quality study time, and carefully reading and following instructions will actually save time and aggravation in the end.

We have thousands of students taking courses. Although, three (3) failed exam attempts are rare, they do occur. Typically, we find that poor preparation or exam anxieties are the primary culprits of failure.

A cautionary note about final examinations. Don’t simply go to the end of the course and attempt the final exam.
Attempting test shortcuts can actually cause you to fail. Yes, you get three (3) attempts at the final exam; however you should know that every time you attempt the final exam, a new test is developed from a revolving set of questions and possible responses. If you fail all three final exams, you are referred to the Academy Training Coordinator for counseling. The solution is simple, just invest the time the first time and limit distractions, and you will be fine.

For more information, contact our Training Coordinator with any questions.

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